1996 GT Xizang

The GT Xizang dream of many GT enthusiasts and next to the Zaskar probably one of the most famous GT models. The GT Xizang was known by serial winner Juliana Furtado, she won almost all the competitions for GT on the Xizang.

In my opinion, the best of GT!

1988 Yeti F.R.O

This is one of first Yetis with round top tube. Over the years several Yeti frames have turned up with unexplainable configurations and this is one of them. Many believe this would have been a repaired bike but I do not think so. There are many indications that this is a custom bike and was modified and improved in many sensitive areas by Yeti according to the customer.

I’m happy to be in possession of this extraordinary Yeti, a 1988 Agoura Hills California Yeti race
bike built by the early FTW crew with many improvements/upgrades e.g. stronger seat tube,
stronger dropouts, stronger bottom bracket, it uses a 1″ fork but the head tube is 1 1/4″
and a lovely new paint job :D

1991 Merlin Mountain

I always knew If I ever build a titanium bike then there can be only one …just a Merlin, and now after endless hunt I got it. Merlin Metalworks, Inc. was a pioneer in titanium bicycle design and construction. This is an older model without s-bend chain and seat stays and exact this model I like best.

1991 TREK 8000

I always wanted to have a TREK 8000. The frame material is aluminum but the tube diameter is unusual extremely moderate. An aluminum frame in steel style, and that’s why I like it.

For this frameset I used the decoupage technique ;-)

1993 Yo Eddy Aqua Fade

Exactly 20 years ago the Fat Chance Yo Eddy in aqua fade was the most awesome looking thing to my young eyes and in my opinion the best paint job of FAT Chance bikes that there has ever been.

After so many years I finally have one of them but unfortunately in very poor condition. It looks very used and needs some attention.

My next project can start now ;)

1991 KLEIN Attitude

The KLEIN bikes are known for their exceptional finish, but this one is an unusual Attitude, it’s just black and white! I find that colors can be terribly distracting in some objects and can take the focus away from your subject. Taking the color out of object lets the subject speak for themselves.Black is all colors absorbed, white is all of the colors.

This Attitude is a thing of beauty and makes a refreshing change… its raw, it’s stripped back, it’s honest and it allows you to show the truth.